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Miramar Financial Group brings over 35 years of experience to the private money lending arena.  With this extensive background we have the ability to arrange real estate-secured loans across the country. Over the years we have underwritten transactions on every imaginable type of property including residential, commercial, industrial, construction and land. All of these loans are funded through private sources, predominantly individual investors.

The vast majority of our business comes through our network of Brokers, many of which have been long term relationships. We understand the importance of not only servicing their clients, but also of protecting these vital sources of business. We do virtually no advertising as these Broker relationships have grown in numbers, exponentially, over the years.

The same holds true for our Investor base. We have grown this community over the years through carefully, conservatively underwritten investment opportunities and the consistently performing, high returns they provide. Word of mouth and referral of “friends and family” has been the cornerstone in building these long lasting relationships.

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